Flexographic printing

offset press color charge seen from above We purchased a new 8-colour flexographic printing machine supporting UV printing (IR system + hot air) with a fully controlled, redundant servo drive system, representing the latest technological development in flexographic printing machines, with support from EU funding in May 2015. Its innovative design allows us to deliver an unlimited range of printed materials, including printed flexible and laminated packages and aluminium foil with thickness from 12 µm to 300 µm and higher with a maximum printing width of up to 520 mm and print repetition length from 254 mm to 650 mm. Maximum printing speed is approximately 350 standard metres per minute, which is nearly twice the speed of our older machine, making it perfect for printing higher volume production runs.

We use anilox rollers with a very fine (high frequency) line screen for printing jobs to deliver high quality images and complex graphical patterns of up to 175 LPI (70 LPCM) and meet the needs of demanding clients.

We increased printing speed thanks to this advanced technology, which our customers have come to appreciate, in particular for express orders. Our new printing unit significantly improved print quality, reduced printing costs and the quantity of scrap and simplified handling and change overs, which is appreciated by our printing staff. We also gained the ability to print a broad spectrum of package materials.